Welock Keyless Entry Door Lock
Make Your Life Smarter and Safer

Welock Smart Lock is made from durable materials and is designed to fit most European doors. Comes with fast shipping from European warehouse and a 2-years warranty. You can get the item with 3-7 days.The price including the taxes, customer s do not need to pay taxes.


      What's the use of a door lock that intruders can break at a go? At Welock, we prioritize your security and that's why deadbolt door locks are here for you! If you have a huge priority for security, this deadbolt door lock is your go-to.

      It has a bolt you can only unlock by a thumb turn or keys. It also comes with several keys you can share with your family members. The bolt is made of hardened steel and extends beyond 1-inch. The bolt is securely affixed to the door and no one can open it with a screw, knife, blade or any other hand equipment.

      You can be sure no one can break this deadbolt door lock. It resists all sorts of battering, kick-ins and physical attacks. You also don't need the service of a locksmith before installing as it comes with a traditional but exquisite design.

      This deadbolt door lock comes with a tamper-resistant shutter guard that prevents Intruders from separating the lock from the door. It also has a cylinder collar that's tapered and made of solid metal which makes it difficult to grip.

      It has a connecting screw that's made of hardened steel holding the lock together and which is perfectly affixed to the inner part of the lock. Note that you shouldn't install it on any soft, thin or weak door. Rather, install on solid wood or steel.

      No single key can work for two different locks. We design each deadbolt door lock with a distinct lock.

      If you want a super-safe, simple and classy door lock, this deadbolt door lock is your best bet.