Welock Keyless Entry Door Lock
Make Your Life Smarter and Safer

Welock Smart Lock is made from durable materials and is designed to fit most European doors. Comes with fast shipping from European warehouse and a 2-years warranty. You can get the item with 3-7 days.The price including the taxes, customer s do not need to pay taxes.


      Searching out the missing or lost door keys is always stressful and inconvenient. Upon all frantic search, you may not find it. Then, what about getting a door lock with a keypad of its own affixed to it?

      That sounds great, right? Yes, it does and that's exactly why you need to get the keypad door lock. It has a keypad of its own installed on it and all you have to do to lock or unlock it is to punch in your passcode. Highly comfortable stuff!

      You can create different passcodes for separate users and this makes it easy to track the use of the door. Rather than giving the keys to your kids which they might eventually lose, you only need to give them passcodes and that's all.

      You can also give one-off temporary codes to outsiders, such as babysitters, who casually need to access your home.

      It protects your passcode from wandering third parties by enabling you to lock or unlock your door by only inputting the correct first and last digits of your passcode only. Other middle digits can be any random, incorrect digits. This makes it difficult for any third party to have a glimpse of your passcode.

      It automatically locks itself and this helps you avoid awkward situations where you're halfway to your workplace and wondering whether or not you locked your door.

      You can schedule this keypad door lock to automatically lock or unlock itself at a specified time. For example, you can set it to automatically unlock itself during the night period.

      It's also very durable and you don't have to worry about breaking the key off inside the lock. It doesn't go through repetitive fractions as all you have to do is to punch a few buttons on the keypad. It's also very secured and cannot be easily picked or bumped.

      It comes with an integrated security feature that automatically locks the door after a couple of incorrect passcodes have been inputted. This prevents intruders from making attempts at guessing your passcode.

      You can also easily install this keypad door lock as you don't need a specialised tool or the service of a locksmith to install it. Are you worried about your door lock's battery capacity? Well, calm your nerves! This door lock has a lasting battery capacity.