Welock Keyless Entry Door Lock
Make Your Life Smarter and Safer

Welock Smart Lock is made from durable materials and is designed to fit most European doors. Comes with fast shipping from European warehouse and a 2-years warranty. You can get the item with 3-7 days.The price including the taxes, customer s do not need to pay taxes.


      There are different communication protocols for different door locks. For instance, with Z-wave door locks, you can't control your door lock on your phone but through a compatible hub. Also, with Bluetooth door locks, you can't control your smart lock without moving physically close to it.

      Well, what about having a smart door lock you can remotely control on your phone? That would be a fantastic one, and that's exactly what this WiFi door lock brings on board. You can remotely control this WiFi door lock on your phone.

      This WiFi door lock connects to the internet through a WiFi communication protocol and you would need to connect it to your WiFi compatible smartphone. Also, you would need to install a Welock app or any other compatible app on your smartphone. It's through the app you can control this door lock.

      With this WiFi door lock, you can easily and remotely create different access codes for anyone you want to grant access to your door.

      It's also self-sufficient and you don't need any other accessories before using it. It comes with an already built-in Wi-Fi and you don't need any additional bridge before connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

      It's also compatible with not only the Welock app but also different third-party applications. You can connect it with Alexa and Google Assistant and control it by voice commands.

      It's highly secure to use. You don't need a third-party hub before connecting it to your smartphone. You can also check out the event history on the connected app on your phone to know the exact users of the door per time. At Welock, our Wi-Fi door lock does it best!