Do Smart Locks Work Without WiFi?

One of the key features of any smart device is its ability to connect via WiFi, and Welock’s smart locks are no exception. However, not everyone has easy access to wifi or wishes to use it for all of their smart devices.

More importantly, some devices lose functionality once they lose their connection to the internet. So you might be wondering, do Welock Smart locks work without Wifi?

Online vs Offline Functionality

The good news is that Welock smart locks work both with and without WiFi connectivity. Every Welock smart lock product is designed to have features that work without being connected to the internet, but also have some extra bonus features should you choose to connect your smart lock online.

In fact, the vast majority of features our smart locks have can be used without a WiFi connection. This includes fingerprint recognition, FRID card usage, temporary passwords for guests and the access history

How Smart Locks Work with WiFi Connection

If you want to connect your Welock Smart Lock to the internet, you will need one of our patented Wifibox Gateway products. The fact that these gateway boxes are sold separately as optional devices should tell you that the smart locks can still function without them.

With a Welock Wifibox Gateway, your smart lock will be able to connect to your smartphone via the Welock app. Then you can use the remote lock/unlock feature, which is arguably the most advanced feature of Welock smart locks in general.

The app will also let you engage in other features you would normally have to do in person, such as changing PINs or looking up your smart lock’s access history.

In other words, Welock smart locks work without a wifi connection, but you can only unlock their full potential and all features when they are connected to the internet.

Bluetooth Connection vs WiFi Connection

Keep in mind that Welock smart locks also have Bluetooth functionality, so you can use the Welock smartphone app from home to increase integration, functionality and security.

What distinguishes Bluetooth from WiFi connections is how far you can go while still using the Welock app. With Bluetooth, your smartphone can only connect to your smart lock when you are still at home, with a range of roughly 30 feet.

With a WiFi connection, you can use your Welock app from any location on the planet. This is provided that your smartphone has access to the internet and that your Welock smart lock is paired with a WiFi Gateway box, which is also connected to the internet itself.

With the extra power a WiFi connection has over a Bluetooth one, you can interact with your Smart Lock device from a range far exceeding 30 feet. It could be 30 miles or even 3,000 miles!

So, while you can still get a lot done with your Welock Smart Lock when it is offline, WiFi connectivity will give you an unparalleled sense of security that’s impossible to achieve otherwise.

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