Can I Unlock My Welock Smart Lock from Anywhere?

Remote-control capabilities are part of what makes any smart device “smart”. You might be wondering just how smart the Welock Smart Locks really are.

They’re so smart that you can actually unlock them from just about anywhere. There are actually multiple different ways to open a Welock Smart Lock.

How the Welock Smart Lock Works 

There are the traditional methods such as using a simple key or by inputting the pass code manually on the lock itself. But part of what makes the Welock Smart Lock so advanced is that it can be paired with your smartphone to activate remote unlocking.

Using the Remote Welock Smart Lock Function

If you want this advanced function, then you will need to purchase one of the Welock Smart Locks along with the compatible wifi box.

The wifi box is what truly unlocks – no pun intended – the full potential of a Welock Smart Lock. While it is already very handy without one, the wifi box will allow you to control your locks no matter where you are.

When to Use the Remote Welock Smart Lock Function

There are many ways you can take advantage of a Welock Smart Lock that can be unlocked from anywhere. Maybe you are running late to work and your kids need to get in. Perhaps there’s a problem inside and you need a next-door neighbor to quickly solve the issue. Or maybe it’s something as simple as letting a gardener or repair man in. 

Whatever the reason may be, there will surely be many times when having the ability to unlock your Welock Smart Lock from anywhere will come in handy.

One great thing about this remote control function is that it is very quick and easy to setup. Connecting the wifi box gateway only takes a couple of minutes, and installing the Welock smartphone app is even faster.

The remote unlocking function also works while you are inside your own home, of course. Compatible with Alexa, the wifi box can be used to unlock your home from the inside when you have company arriving.

This remote unlocking function is compatible with all Welock Smart Lock products, including the Smart Door Lock Cylinder with Keypad PCB41, the Smart Lock Door Handle and the Smart Lock Deadbolt. But keep in mind that your smartphone will need access to the internet via a data plan or a wifi entry point in order to access this remote unlocking feature.

When installing the wifi gatebox, make sure that it is within 30 feet of the Welock Smart Lock itself so that it has a stable connection to the network. If not, there is no guarantee that the command signal sent on-the-fly from your smartphone will reach the lock.


The remote Welock Smart Lock function is definitely one of the most useful and cutting-edge features available for home security. It will boost the security of your home or warehouse in new ways while adding the flexibility to control it from anywhere.

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