Why Would You Want a Smart Lock?

These Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices have been circling home improvement forums very frequently. Many businesses and hotels have also adopted this technology in their establishments, and today we will discuss why it is a must-buy.

A Smart Business Solution

When setting up a hotel, or any establishment, one of their main concerns is security. A private establishment will always fail if the owner of that place cannot feel secure in it? This is why smart locks have become an essential buy, especially for Airbnb and larger businesses.

These locks are easy to access, and offers efficient control over the security measures they have put together to ensure their safety, as well as the safety and wellbeing of their fellow workers or guests.

Additionally, smart locks offer many other features which can make it really easy to manage security in any organization. An example of this is that the Welock smart lock comes with a passcode entry feature, which saves a company a considerable amount of time.

This is because they do not have to hand over a set of keys for every other room to each of their employees. Instead, they can just let them know the passcodes needed for the rooms, saving them a lot of inconveniences when managing their keys.

Smart locks also come with applications as well, which allows you to customize your locks to your personal preferences. These can include scheduling when a room gets locked, or revoking access to a room unless someone uses a specific keycard.

Perfect for Hotel owners and Landlords

A very handy feature these smart locks offer is that you are able to set up a temporary code for a specific lock if you feel it is necessary. This is especially convenient for Landlords as they can set temporary codes scheduled to lock after the tenants have completed their stay.

On top of that, you also have the ability to revoke someone's access to that lock. Airbnb owners can use this to their advantage, revoking a guest's access to their room if they have completed their stay or have gone against any terms of services.

Nowadays, Smart locks are available in many hotels as well, since it offers many options of access a smart lock. Welock offers passcode entry as well as RFID card entry as well, and the latter is very useful in hotels.

The option for keycard access helps to streamline the entire check-in and checking-out process for hotels by a considerable amount, as well as to create a smoother, more user-friendly experience for their guests.

When a guest checks into their hotel, the keycard will only work for the duration of their stay. Keycards are very convenient for hotel management as well because they do not have to keep track of a database of passwords for every room.

They would also have to hire a team who would constantly change passwords every time a guest checks out to prevent any trespassing in the future.


If traditional locks are so inefficient, why don't commercial establishments install access control systems or access card systems? The answer to that is scalability. An object being scalable means it can easily cope with an expansion of resources.

Suppose that you decide to expand your business and get 15 more rooms for another department. The average pricing of an access control system can range anywhere from $500 to $8000+ per door, which makes an expansion of that scale too expensive.

However, Welock smart locks are much more cost-efficient and scalable. As in this case, You have to add a door and a smart lock. This is a way more convenient and cost-effective option for any scope of expansion.

Price is not the only factor when taking scalability into account. In the case of access control systems, there are many other variables, such as licensing fees and installation considerations that people have to take into account as well.

But with smart locks, installation is just a matter of following a short, ten-minute step-by-step guide that does not need a dedicated team to install.


Smart locks nowadays are very robust and come with various features, and a lot of them are related to accessibility and security. There are a lot of these features that are essential for commercial use, such as restricting access to certain doors unless you have a specific keycard or passcode.

In hotels, there are many areas that the management will restrict, and only employees of a certain designation can access them. In this case, smart locks are very useful as you can set up the locks in such a way that only a specific one is able to unlock them.

Additionally, businesses also make use of these security capabilities. In certain organizations, server rooms are highly secure and well–protected. Amongst other security measures, reinforced smart locks are placed with a set restriction that only key cards with a specific level of clearance may unlock them.

Activity Monitoring

Speaking of security, individual monitoring is also an essential aspect of security and management which makes using smart locks very convenient.

Having smart locks installed in an organization building makes managing each employee's activity much more convenient. The Welock smart lock application offers a range of features, which includes access to real-time employee activity logs as well. Therefore, you can have access to logs stating precise timestamps of when someone locked a door or unlocked it.

This feature has benefits in the hotel and rental management field as well. You will always have a guest’s activity on record, so that you may have some tangible proof in the case of misplaced items.


A smart lock is a complete game-changer for security and management because of the accessibility and scalability it provides with just a fraction of the cost. As we discussed earlier, the positives outweigh the minuscule investment needed to put into the WeLock smart lock system, so make the right choice, make the smart choice!

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