MOTHER- the beautiful word on the lips of mankind. Moms are expressions of love, patience, care and selflessness. Our world needs them much more. At Welock, we treasure moms and we're super proud to identify with them.

With our WELOCK WiFi door lock, moms can check out the event history on the connected app on their smartphones to know exactly when the kids use the door per time.

The working mom can easily know when the kids get back home from school by setting up an alert that notifies her whenever the door is unlocked.

This makes it seamless for moms to keep a tab on their kids even from the comfort of their workplace. For mother's day, a gift of this WiFi door lock to the moms will convey the best of your affection for her.

Mothers are too loving. They just don't return home with no candies and other gift packs for everyone at home. Haha... A mom's love is genuine and deeper.

We recognised that moms are always encumbered with loads at hands when coming home and it may be inconvenient to open the door with hands. So, we came up with our WiFi smart lock door knob with keypad PCB 28 which allows moms to connect with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. and control the door by voice command.

So rather than moms struggling to thrust their keys with a hand while also trying to hold the candies and gift packs on the other hand, they can now easily access the home with a voice command without struggling with the loads of gift packs on their hands.

Moms can easily create access codes for the kids to use, rather than giving them keys they would most likely lost. It's also easy to install. There is no need for a locksmith to install it. Do you care for a perfect blend of comfort and safety for mom? Then light up her mood this season with a gift of our WiFi smart lock door knob with keypad.

Mothers are safety conscious. They look out to see that every member of the family is fine and safe. At Welock, we recognize that safety doesn't happen by accident but rather by effective planning

So, we came on board with our deadbolt door lock that's made of quality materials and difficult to break. With our deadbolt door lock, moms can relax from being extra-sensitive. All they have to do is to lock the door with the key and boom!...the safety of the house is guaranteed.

This deadbolt door lock is made of hardened steel and extends beyond 1-inch. It's securely affixed to the door and no one can open it with a blade, screw or any hand equipment.

It also comes with more than one key which allows moms to keep a copy of the key with them and give the remaining copies to other members of the family.

By gifting this to your wife or your mother, you would literally be telling her "I value you and everyone else's safety ". One thing is, the memory of this affection would linger forever in her heart.

Moms are always circumspect to see the door is properly locked. However, sometimes, they have to be on the go before the kids and they might have to wonder whether or not the kids lock the door.

At Welock, we identify with moms and that's why we came up with our WiFi smart lock with keypad PCB20. Moms can set up this lock to automatically lock itself after a while. With this, they can be sure the door would automatically lock itself after some time.

Moms work round the clock and they may be exhausted at times. At Welock, we don't want a mother relaxing on her cozy bed to be disturbed as to whether she locked the door or not. With this lock, moms can lock the door from the comfort of their room.

This lock also comes with different unlocking options such as IC Card, passcode, smartphone app, temporary E-key, mechanical key and smartphone NFC.

Therefore, moms don't need to be encumbered with keys or even smartphones during walkouts. They can rather use the passcode to unlock the lock.

This is comfort at its peak and we love it! Giving this to a mum is worth your penny.

Gifts of candies, flowers or even warm wishes are sure not bad ways to appreciate moms. But hey, moms deserve more. They crave to have more time to unwind, relax and live more comfortably. At Welock, we identify with mothers and that's why we innovatively came up with different smart lock products to relieve moms of stress and make them more comfortable in their daily activities.

Spark up the motherly affection by lighting up the Mother's day celebration with a gift of Welock's smart lock to a mother!

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