Why Smart Locks Have Become Popular

The Smart Lock industry has witnessed a recent boom in demand and popularity. The major reasons behind smart locks' popularity are the countless benefits that accompany this advanced form of the security system.

WELOCK Smart Lock uses have extended beyond the residential sector as government and commercial buildings are also using smart locks for better accessibility and security now. Apart from improving the security standards, smart locks also help in improving the standard of living and ensuring peace of mind for the owners.

Losing a key is probably one of the most troubling situations you may face in your routine life. Often the neighbors holding your spare key are not at home, adding to the frustration of the whole situation. The conventional means of keeping a spare key hidden under a plant pot or under the doormat are not theft-prove, in fact, they compromise your home security more than anything else. 

So, what is the solution? Smart Locks decrease your chances of losing a spare key, thus minimizing your security risks. 

What are Smart Locks?

Smart Locks are modern ways of property security. These types of locks harness internet power to offer you better access to your property security. They are a great way to take control of your home and office security than traditional lock and key systems.

More Options, More Versatility

Smart Locks can perfectly suit any type of property. With the availability of countless new options, consumers are more inclined towards buying smart locks than traditional locks. Smart Locks are attached to your door’s locking mechanism, however, they still let you use your traditional key to unlock your smart door. 

While some smart lock doors are fingerprint controlled, others have touch sensors on the inside to unlock your property. On top of that, smart locks can be installed inside or outside the property premises. Companies can maintain their security and confidentiality using internal and external smart locks on the entrance points. Due to their versatile use, smart locks are getting popular in commercial and business sectors rapidly

You can also set up a fingerpad passcode if you do not wish to rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for granting security access through smart locks. The smart lock security is very advanced, which means that your passcode will be well-protected and the chances of brute-force break-in or hacking are very minimal. 

Smart Locks Improve Accessibility

One of the many reasons for smart locks' popularity among people is the fact that they let you grant temporary access to a particular number of authorized individuals. It means that people of your choice can enter the premises without the need of carrying a spare security lock key with them.

Smartphone Control for Smart Locks

Since WELOCK smart locks are compatible with most smartphone devices for remote control, the owners can let certain individuals inside the property. Thus, it is helpful in keeping the packages inside the property which might get stolen if let outside.

Temporary Access Without Compromising Security

Similarly, the owners can use smart locks to offer temporary access to other individuals like repair technicians, guests, cleaners, friends and family members whenever needed.

You can also set up temporary access codes for your guests. These codes will grant access to selected individuals for a specific, pre-defined time, so you can easily control who comes and goes from your commercial building or home.

Business owners can ensure smoother movement for clients as well as a better view of who goes in and out of company promises. Parents with latch-keys for kids can also use smart locks to ensure that their kids are inside safely and maintain security for kids while they are away.

Simplify Property Security 

Have you ever desired to keep an eye on who comes and goes out of your home or office building? How about tracking how much time certain people spend at your place? Smart Locks let you set up temporary access to certain people as well as track who is entering and leaving your property during day or night. You can connect smart locks with their respective apps to control your smart locks from anywhere in the world. These apps also allow you to change your smart locks’ remotely passcode as needed.

Improved Connectivity with Home Security

Are you one of those people who always double-check whether the doors are locked and still doubt it upon leaving the property? If that is the case, smart locks can resolve this cause of anxiety and worry for you.

Once you have successfully connected your smart lock with your smartphone device via the app, you can always check whether the door is locked or not. You can also remotely activate the locking mechanism - so you can rest assured that your property will always be secured no matter where you are!

24/7 Remote Security 

Whether you own rental properties or run an Airbnb space for your personal benefits or for your clients, you can use smart locks to manage the security of multiple properties from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is install a smart lock system on all your properties and connect the locks to your smart lock app. Smart locks offer you remote security on occasions like

  • Managing remote security for rental properties
  • Managing home security while on a vacation
  • Controlling security while you are at work
  • Ensuring security whether you are out with friends or running errands
  • Maintaining security if you have forgetful guests or family members

Where to find the best smart lock seller?

You must have heard of "WELOCK", the leading smart home access solution provider that focuses on smart door lock development, manufacturing, and marketing for over 10 years. WELOCK takes smart lock cylinders and fingerprint lock cylinders as its leading products, and has become the first company in the world to implement biometric fingerprint technology in lock cylinders.

Smart Locks Make Your Property Smart

WELOCK Smart locks are a popular choice among modern property owners seeking new ways of home security connectivity. These locks come with auto-lock features, so the doors will lock and unlock automatically whenever you are in close vicinity of your property.

No need to struggle with your grocery bags and kids while looking for your locks’ keys in your bag if you have smart locks installed. Smart Locks with touch sensors minimize the hassle of entering passcodes while you are juggling different items at your doorstep. These locks also eliminate any chance of getting locked out of your door just because you lost the key!


Now that you know the many benefits of Smart locks and their reasons for popularity, it is a good time to introduce them into your home, commercial space or government organization. Live smart and peacefully with smart locks!

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