Do Smart Locks Need WiFi?

As technology is starting to progress, new inventions and breakthroughs are being made in every field. Considering the risk of house burglaries and break-ins, home security is also a field of research that is making strides.

A recent statistical study showed that houses which do not have a proper home security system set up are 300% more likely to become a victim of a home burglary. For this reason, a proper home security system is absolutely necessary for any home.

Innovation in the home security industry is the introduction of the smart lock system, and this has introduced a great deal of accessibility paired with security as well. This invention has become an important addition for not just every home but an option to secure any specific room in your house as well.

Recent technological breakthroughs in the field of computer science have also enabled the connectivity of wifi with these smart locks, which provide additional functionality and are important for several, which will be explained later on. But first, we must understand what exactly a smart lock is.

What Is a Smart Lock?

A recent market projection showed that the smart lock market was valued at a whopping $3.1 billion in 2020. This is mainly due to the functionality and accessibility it offers in comparison to your normal lock. The reason for this rise lies behind what exactly this invention is and the functionality it brings to the table.

In terms of basic root functionality, a smart lock does the same thing as a normal lock: it allows a person to lock their doors. However, this is where the features of a normal lock end and that of a smart lock begin.

 What makes a smart lock “smart” exactly is the fact that locks like the Welock smart lock provide users with the option to connect to other smart devices like Amazon Alexa for further functionality options like voice command compatibility. In addition to that, the biggest advantage of having a smart lock installed is that they eliminate the need to carry a bulky keyring with all your keys.

A lot of smart locks like the welock keyless smart entry lock come with a keycard or another option such as unlocking the door through the lock app or a thumbprint recognition system installed in it. Due to this, there is no more need to carry a heavy set of keys with you whenever you leave the house.

Benefits of a smart lock

As discussed earlier, smart locks are a technological marvel which comes with a long list of benefits in addition to added security. Such important benefits include the fact that you no longer have to carry keys around and added functionality options, including the addition of limitations and restrictions for access.

· Allows Auto-lock Options

A lot of smart locks have the option of setting a timer on the lock, after which it can lock itself automatically, without you needing to lock the door physically or even through the app.

 There are often times when you might forget to lock the door on your way out, or something urgent might come up which may require you to leave in a hurry, and you might have left the door unlocked.

Well, with smart locks, there is no need to worry about that. That is because certain smart locks like the range of smart locks offered by welock automatically lock themselves if left unattended for a certain period of time.

· Allows Sync Options

One more accessibility feature which smart locks offer is the option to sync with a lot of other smart home devices for added functionality options. An example of this is that certain smart doorbells come with cameras attached to them, and with the smart lock sync options, you would be able to sync the smart lock with the smart doorbell.

When someone rings your doorbell, you can view who it is from the doorbell camera and unlock the door without any need to get up from your place or physically be there to do so.

Why Should You Connect a Smart Lock to WiFi?

Your average smart lock offers a host of connectivity options, and one of these options is wifi connectivity. The name makes it very self-explanatory, but you can connect your smart lock to your wifi or use additional accessories such as the Welock wifi box 2 gateway box, which allows you to sync up to four smart locks with your mobile device for added functionality and convenience.

There are a lot more reasons why you would want to opt for a smart lock with wifi connectivity, some of which will be the topic of discussion today.

Added Security

When looking for a home security system, no matter what accessibility or aesthetic features it has, in the end, what determines the best option is one basic aspect: security. And this is what smart locks with wifi compatibility offer: added security.

A recent consensus showed that nearly approximately 20 million people lose their keys every year, and this is in the United States alone. This piece of information alone can allow you to ascertain how cumbersome depending on keys to unlock your door can be. However, smart locks which are connected to wifi, like the Welock smart locks, completely eliminate this option.

With this option, you can connect your smart lock to your home wifi system, and your phone essentially becomes your house key! If connected to your wifi, you can unlock and lock your door through the application on your phone, which means you no longer need to be looking for keys every time you leave the house

 Another way wifi connectivity offers more security is that they allow you to get notified whenever the door is unlocked, locked, or even forcibly broken into in some cases.

Letting People in Even if You Are Not There

Another feature of accessibility that wifi connectivity offers is that you can unlock the door without having to be there physically. Imagine that you are out on an important errand, and suddenly you get a call that the handyman is there.

Normally, you would have to rush back home and keep the handyman waiting while you were on your way, wasting both your time and theirs. However, with a smart lock, that is different.

If a smart lock is connected to wifi and so is your phone, you could unlock the door through your wifi and continue on with your errands while the handyman tends to your house. This shows that smart locks with wifi connectivity offer you added convenience and comfort as well.


Smart locks are even now being revolutionized and getting updated with other attachments, which are making this piece of home security more responsive and convenient with the added benefit of further functionality.

These features explained above are just some of the numerous benefits which wifi connected smart locks offer, and they go to show you the need to have this upgrade on your smart locks.

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