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Book your trip now before prices go up!

The hospitality and leisure industry is set to flourish this summer, with bookings on the rise. There has been a consumer shift in 2022 - shoppers are putting their $'s back into services instead of goods (airlines/hotels). Recent reports show that travel sites report strong demand from travelers, so what are you waiting for? Grab your passport- it's time to take off... With caution!!

Why need to change the traditional lock?

The tourist season is here, and it's a joyous event for every family; for the tourism industry, airbnb/booking.com hosts are the icing on the cake.

If you still have traditional locks on your home or rental property, you may be constantly worried about the security of your home in case a burglar breaks into it or if someone wants to enter the house and you don't have a key. 

For Airbnb/booking.com host of rental properties, traditional locks are even more inconvenient; you need to sit at home 24 hours a day waiting for the arrival of the resident, a thousand instructions not to lose the key; in case the resident checks out and accidentally takes the key away, you still need to pay a locksmith to open the door. All these extra expenses can be avoided.


How WELOCK Smart Lock color your summer?

Let's check out the best features of WELOCK Smart Lock

  • Auto lock and unlock the door
  • Self-check-in and check-out without any assistant
  • Keyless Entry- Keypad/ Fingerprint
  • Bluetooth | wifi | APP Remote Open (need to purchase Gateway Box)
  • Template Code for a guest visit in time pioer
  • Long distance control - easy to open the door
  • Fast Installation- only takes 15 mins no need locksmith
  • RFID Card | Mechanical Key 
  • Manage all of your visitor records

Choice your best smart lock for your home/property

Making the right choice for your hotel /home can be challenging when so many different locks and gadgets are on offer. 

Luckily, we here at WELOCK have you covered with our expert advice to help make sure that whatever system is chosen will work well not only in terms of door safety but also accessibility - because who wants an old-fashioned key?

Two models of the intelligent lock might be suitable for you; also, we have the Summer Sales now; check the article below for more sales information. 

Welock Smart Lock European Cylinder with Keypad PCB41

European Standard Lock Cylinder】Suitable for all doors with a thickness between 70mm-110mm. Easy to replace the existing lock cylinder in your front or apartment door without drilling.

Multiple Ways To Unlock】Opening the door with a numeric code, an RFID card, or our temporary password app. If you need a wifi function, please buy a Bluetooth gateway separately.

1-Year Battery Life The OLED displays battery status, settings, and warnings. Battery for electronic knob: 3 x AAA 1.5 V. Up to 1-year runtime with ten daily openings. Low battery reminder When the battery is below 20%, you will be reminded to replace the battery.

Safety】Electrostatic protection up to 30,000 volts. Splash-proof: IP65. Safety in case of fire, etc. Smart locks can always open from the inside. Up to 10 million closing operations. Working temperature: -30°C to 60 °C.


WELOCK Smart Locks for US Cylinder with Keypads PCB43

4 in 1 Smart Door Lock】Passcode + RFID Card + Smartphone APP + Temporary E-key. A variety of flexible & safe unlocking methods takes you to the smart home era.

Remote Unlocking】With WELOCK wifi Gateway (optional accessory, sold separately), you can even use your phone to remotely unlock the intelligent door lock for family and friends in Washington if you are on a business trip to New York.

Auto intelligent Feature】Smart lock allows you to set the door to lock automatically after 10-99 seconds. Never worry about forgetting to lock the door when you are in a hurry.

Real-time Tracking】Easily check real-time access logs from your smartphone to monitor who and when accessing your home.

Finding a perfect smart lock can be overwhelming, but don't let it get you down! With these intelligent home essentials from WELOCK in mind, you're sure to protect your home/ property that's needed and very appreciated. For more on WELOCK Smart Locks and compatible smart home devices.

Summer Sales promotion code: SUMMER20 for a discount of 20% OFF. Hot sell models are limited edition; harry up to get one for your home/property; you won't regret it. 


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