Product FAQ

welock smart lock uses state-of-the-art banking-grade encryption technology. Every communication with our smart lock is encrypted and protected. The encryption of each lock and each communication is different. We also have our Smart Lock period inspected and certified by an independent security agency each year.

The operating temperature is -25℃ - 60℃

All the functions of our locks are concentrated on the outer handle

The welock smart lock is available in English German and Chinese. The instructions are available in German, Italian, French, Spanish and English.

If the lock has no power, please use the power band to charge the lock via USB cable, then unlock the lock via app.

Our lock supports APP unlock,so just donwload our app on your mobile phone,then you can unlock the lock via app/mobile phone.

Welock smart lock supports WIFI unlock, must add an extra gateway so that can unlock the lock via WIFI.

Yes. There is a Channel mode on the lock, so just turn on the channel mode to keep the lock unlock all the time.Please refer to the manual for details on how to set.

Please turn on the Channel mode, then the lock will always remain open until you turn off.

Please enter the settings menu to turn off/on the lock sound.

You can install it by yourself within 3-5 minutes, only replace the lock cylinder, no need to replace the lock body.Each product comes with installation instructions. Please check out our video installation tutorial here.

Welock has 2 years warranty from the date of purchase on all Welock products purchased from Welock or from one of its authorized resellers or distributors.

There is no battery in our package, please purchased the good quality battery in your local store.

Please download our Welock App here. Open the app, click the plus + button in the upper right corner. Scan the QR code above the lock. Then add the lock ID, which you can find on the lock cylinder. Finally click on the Bind Lock and you're done. Now you can use your phone Bluetooth to open welock smart lock.