How to use Welock App to bind Welock Wifi Box Gateway?

①Please charge the gateway via USB cable, and please press the reset button to make the gateway in the configuration state.After the red light flash Once, the red light is always on.

② Turn on the phone's Bluetooth and positioning

How to bind welock

Login to Welock App and click the Add button in the upper right corner

How to bind welock smart lock

④ Click the Add Gateway

The Welock APP will automatically search for the gateway. 

⑥ Click on the searched gateway and enter the name and password of the Wi-Fi connected to the gateway. Click the Setting button and the red light on the Wi-Fi gateway will turn green after connection, indicating a successful connection. If the connection is not successful, please make sure the wifi and password are correct. Make sure the Wi-Fi connected to your phone is the same as the Wi-Fi connected to the gateway.