Welock Care+

Welock Care + Full Service Plan: The program refers to the Shenzhen Myhand Industrial Co., Ltd. on the sale of Welock branded products for individuals and companies to provide after-sales service program, that is, Shenzhen Myhand Industrial Co., Ltd. in support of Welock brand dealers provide the cost of support and services.

1. Service brand:Welock (Only)

2. Service object:Welock Distributor

3. Service cycle:Quarterly Results (Excluding Special Offers and Promotions) (January to March / April to June / July to September / October to December)

4. Service fee validity: The last quarter of the performance period is valid for 180 days, service fees will not be accumulated and superimposed.

5. Welock Care + Full Service Plan service fee support range for: Buyers local marketing, promotional activities, exhibitions and other services and the costs incurred For buyers pre-sale to provide technical guidance, installation and use Pre-sale installation and after sale service, including (Door-to-door installation and locksmith after-sales service and its costs) After-sale all the freight and customs duties

6. Service fee to use:

a. Deducted in the next quarter's orders

b. 10% Single service fee deduction is not higher than the order amount 10%

c. Service fee is not directly exchanged for the product, nor cash.

d. Service fee is not used in conjunction with other promotions. (Such as special products, or promotions)

e. Provide a valid certificate, valid for one year, that clearly proves to be spent on Welock

7. Welock Care + Full Service Plan: Different quarterly performance, given a different proportion of service fees. See the following table in detail:

 Performance / Quarterly USD Care + Full Service fee ratio Estimated service fee income
<100000  1% 1000
100000-500000 1.50% 1500-7500


2.00% 10000-20000
1000000 2.50% >25000