How to use Welock App for remote unlocking?

Please know that if you want to use the remote unlocking feature you need to purchase our Wi-Fi gateway. If you don't have a Wi-Fi gateway you can still use the Welock App to unlock with Bluetooth in the vicinity of the smart lock. 

Before you begin, make sure you have the Welock Smart Lock and Wi-Fi gateway already bundled on your Welock App.

If not please refer to the following article:

How to use Welock App to bind Welock Smart Lock?

How to use Welock App to bind Welock Wifi Box Gateway?

Here are 2 ways to unlock remotely on the Welock App.

Commonly used method 1

Both administrators and authorized persons can use

After logging into the Welock App you can see the devices you have bundled, Click on the Welock smart lock device you want to unlock.

② Click the Wi-Fi gateway icon to switch to Wi-Fi remote unlock mode and then click the unlock button to unlock the door remotely.  To the right of the unlock button is the Wi-Fi gateway icon, which can be switched between Bluetooth unlocking and remote Wi-Fi unlocking. The default is Bluetooth unlock.

Method 2

Only users who are bound to the gateway can use

①After logging into the Welock App you can see the devices you have bundled, click on the bundled Wi-Fi gateway.

② The gateway will automatically scan for nearby Welock smart locks, and you can see all the smart locks near the Welock gateway in the list. Usually it takes a little time to scan, if it doesn't appear please wait 2 to 3 minutes.

③Click on the Welock device you want to unlock, and then click the Unlock button to unlock it successfully